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Leesburg 229-759-2369  |  Oakland 229-889-0300
Redbone 229-903-8871 | Smithville 229-846-6625
Lee County Georgia

Leesburg 229-759-2369  |  Oakland 229-889-0300
Redbone 229-903-8871 | Smithville 229-846-6625
Lee County Georgia

pines card
The Lee County Public Library Card

Your Ticket to A World of Information!


Check out books, newspapers, magazines, video cassettes, DVDs, and books on cd. Access the library's catalog and information databases, check your library record, and place your own holds -- all from the convenience of our branches or any computer.

If you attend school, own property or are employed in Georgia, you're eligible for a free Lee County Library PINES card (Georgia's Public Library Information Network for Electronic Services). Not only does the PINES card give you access to Lee County Library's resources -- it can also be used at participating libraries throughout the state. And, it's accessable on-line!

Just bring proof of identification and current address to one of our branches to get your card and PIN to access our catalog on-line. Acceptable ID includes a valid driver's license, valid voter registration card, checks with pre-printed addresses, a utility bill, tax receipt or other piece of mail that shows the user's name and present address.

There is no minimum age for a child to receive a library card. A parent or legal guardian can register a child. The parent or guardian must show proper ID to register a child and sign their child's card.

If you are unable to visit the library, you may request a library card through email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include a copy of a current photo ID: 

Lee County Library Mail-In Application Form

The Lee County Public Library Card

Loan Period

Books & CDs
(May be renewed twice, if no other patron is waiting)

14 Days

Videos & DVDs
(Limit of 15 per card - may be renewed twice, if no other patron is waiting)

14 Days

Items on hold (May not be renewed)

14 Days

Park Passes (May not be renewed)

7 Days


Copying Machines 0.15 per page
Computer Printing 0.15 per page



1.25 per set


Providing customers with timely access to materials is one of the Lee County Library's primary goals, but items that are long overdue or are never returned are not available for use. So that everyone may share in the Library's resources, Lee County Library will partner with a professional reminder service for assistance in recovering seriously overdue items and overdue fines.

Library users who will be subject to the reminder service are those who have failed to return an item(s) and pay its fine(s) after having received several overdue notices from the PINES system:

  • 1st Notice is sent by email or regular mail at seven days past the due date of an item
  • 2nd Notice is sent by email or regular mail at 14 days past the due date
  • 3rd Notice is sent by email or regular mail at 30 days past the due date

At 50 days past the due date, a reminder telephone call is made to the user by a Library staff member after the staff member has checked the shelves for the overdue item(s).

The reminder service will contact, through letters and phone calls, users who have made no attempt to return library items that are 60 days past the due date. Patrons with a balance of $25 or greater will be referred to the reminder agency for collection after 60 days of non-payment. A $10.00 fee will be added to the amount due in order to cover the cost of the service. Library users who do not return items and pay their fines may be reported to the national credit reporting agencies.

Thank you for helping us to protect the community's investment in its library by returning your overdue materials as soon as possible.

Persons who believe they have received an overdue notice or bill in error are asked to call the Library at (229) 889-0300.

Books & CDs .20 per item per day
Best-Sellers & High Demand .20 per item per day
Videos & DVDs
.20 per item per day
Replacement Library Card $2.00
Park Passes $3.00 per day

Check out privileges are suspended if unpaid overdue fines are $10.00

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